Tuesday, April 26, 2016

OpenMemories DoF

A quick (and ugly) sample app doing something slightly useful using the OpenMemories-Framework https://github.com/ma1co/OpenMemories-Framework

APK available here https://github.com/Bostwickenator/dof-math/releases/tag/1.0

Amazing work everyone involved!


  1. Hello Alex,
    Great initiative developing then STG uploader. I have just installed it om my Sony RX100M3, without any problems. I just have 1 questin to you. Is it supposed to be very slow in the uploading process? It takes around 1 minute per image. My Wi-Fi is state of the art so the problem lies elsewhere.
    My camera is resently updated with the newest firmware update. Could that be the problem. Here are the camera info for teh install process:
    •Name: DSC-RX100M3
    •Product code: 0080816150
    •Serial number: XXXXXXXX
    •Firmware: 2.00
    •Battery: 70 %
    •Total storage space: 104.4 MB
    •Free storage space: 92.3 MB

    Installed apps
    •android (2.3.7)
    •com.android.certinstaller (2.3.7)
    •com.android.defcontainer (2.3.7)
    •com.android.providers.applications (2.3.7)
    •com.android.providers.media (2.3.7)
    •com.android.providers.settings (2.3.7)
    •com.sony.imaging.app.srctrl (2.21)
    •com.sony.scalar.app.hotspot (1.0)
    •com.sony.scalar.app.wifisettings (1.0)
    •com.sony.scalar.dlsys.scalaraappmanager (1.0)
    •com.sony.scalar.dlsys.scalaradisclaimer (1.0)
    •com.sony.scalar.dlsys.scalarainstaller (1.0)
    •com.sony.scalar.dlsys.scalaralauncher (1.0)
    •com.sony.scalar.dlsys.scalaramarket (1.0)
    •com.sony.scalar.dlsys.scalarasoftkeyboard (2.3.7)
    •com.sony.scalar.dlsys.scalarausbdlapp (1.0)
    •com.sony.scalar.lib.webapiddservice (1.0)
    •com.sony.scalar.providers.avindex (1.0)
    •org.bostwickenator.googlephotos (1.3)

    Hope you can help
    With regards

    1. Yes it is very slow I'm not sure what the bottleneck​ is quite possibly it's the camera's tiny CPU doing the TLS encoding. We might add UI to cherrypick images so you don't have to upload everything. Can you drop your issue into the GitHub issue tracker for the project? https://github.com/Bostwickenator/STGUploader Thanks

    2. Hello Alexander, I couldn't find github page but thank you for guiding me in the right direction. I have added the issue and a couple of other issues that I found. Let me know if I can help you with logfiles or other stuff. I am a developer myself but I am afraid I cannot help you with the app code. I am a Web developer working with Angular.